Tinctures – Single Herb


All of these tinctures are made with fresh plant material and organic alcohol unless otherwise noted. Select from the drop-down menu. These are sold in 1oz increments. If purchasing an even number of ounces, tinctures will be bottled in 2 or 4 ounce bottled unless otherwise requested.

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Bee Balm (monarda fistulosa), Blue Vervain, Calendula, Cats Claw (dried herb in vodka), Devils Claw (dried herb), Echinacea flower (Purpurea), Elderflower, Feverfew Leaf & Flower, Hawthorn Berry (dried berries), Japanese Knotweed Root, Linden Leaf & Flower, Milky Oat Tops (vodka), Motherwort Flowering Tops (vodka), Neem Leaf, Oregano (vodka), Rosemary, Senega Root (dried), Skullcap, Smilax (dried), St. John's Wort, Turkey Tail Mushroom (dried), Usnea, Valerian Root


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